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    You can't fix other peoples' racism
    17 Jul 20194m33s
    Satpal Ram, Sajid Javid, and the mental attitude needed to deal with racism.
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    Election hacking, Trump, Brexit
    09 May 201911m48s
    My thoughts on election hacking, Cambridge Analytica, and how that relates to Brexit and Trump.
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    Free speech is important, even "hate" speech
    23 May 20186m34s
    Free speech is progressively getting eroded under the guise of preventing what people call "hate" speech.
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    This world is mediocre, rise above it
    18 May 201816m09s
    We live in a mediocre world, and most of us are mediocre in our own lives. It's up to us to first realize our mediocrity and then rise above it in ...
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    Online dating sucks for Asian guys
    05 May 201816m39s
    My thoughts on the online dating landscape in Western countries with respect to Asian guys.
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    Thoughts on Incels
    27 Apr 201817m02s
    Thoughts on "incels" aka "involuntary celibates".
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    It's time to evolve beyond a monarchy
    23 Apr 20184m35s
    I think the UK should become a constitutional republic instead of remaining a monarchy.
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    Nobody owes you anything
    21 Apr 20182m51s
    Nobody on this planet owes you anything. Nobody.
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    You are 100% responsible
    18 Apr 20186m48s
    You are 100% responsible for the quality of your life, nobody else is.
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    Be a stronger you and give less of a fuck
    06 Apr 20187m48s
    Learning to be stronger within oneself and giving less of a fuck helps when dealing with people.
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    Islam has a PR problem
    25 Apr 201720m37s
    My brief thoughts on Islam and its current state in the West.
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    Emotional stability
    15 Mar 20175m08s
    Emotional stability is an important part of your overall health.
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    It's ok to compare yourself to others
    04 Mar 20176m59s
    It's only natural to compare oneself to others. But don't measure your self-worth based on the comparison.
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    01 Mar 20173m12s
    Life is a hustle.
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    Enjoy the moment, not the gadget
    15 Feb 20174m56s
    Too many people nowadays are absorbed in their gadgets. Stop using the gadget once in a while and just enjoy the moment.
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    Be open to who a woman is
    14 Feb 20173m10s
    Instead of approaching women with a pure objective-based mindset that sees them as all the same, go with a mindset of discovery, open to who she un...
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    Are you attached to outcomes?
    31 Jan 20176m45s
    Are you attached to outcomes? To mental concepts? Reality is the ultimate arbiter of truth - always accept reality even if it conflicts with your m...
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    There is so much bullshit around
    26 Jan 201714m56s
    There is much bullshit around us. Rise above it.
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    Success is the greatest revenge
    14 Jan 20179m02s
    Success is the best revenge. Sometimes you want to get back at people who've wronged you. You want to hurt them. But it's better for your own peace...
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    Stop being racist to white men
    09 Jan 201716m47s
    There is too much hatred against white people, and white men specifically right now. This is disgusting, stupid and ultimately an ineffective appro...
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    What is meditation and how do you do it?
    02 Jan 201716m20s
    What is meditation? What are its objectives? How do you start meditating?
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    Cut the bullshit! Be Authentic
    01 Jan 201717m26s
    Most people aren't being their authentic selves. Instead they're controlling what they say and do out of fear of what others will think of them.
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    Society teaches contradicting things
    27 Dec 20164m42s
    Society teaches us to be individuals and look out for our own self-interest. And yet to also form relationships, where cannot simply look out for o...
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    Elites dominate media
    26 Dec 20166m32s
    When was the last time you saw someone on TV talking about issues, who wasn't educated at private school or Oxbridge? I lay out some stats.
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    Fearing the loss of identity
    26 Dec 20166m44s
    If you lost everything tomorrow, who would you be? how would you feel? does it have to be this way?
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    Burqa ban
    26 Aug 20164m51s
    I don't think Burqa's should be banned, but they're also a symbol of patriarchy and morality, which ultimately affect women negatively.
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    It's never too late
    22 Aug 20166m05s
    It's never too late to pursue your dreams and do what you want to do. Life is short, and every moment up until the day you moment you die is precio...
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    Eat your veggies
    21 Aug 20166m40s
    Eat your veggies. Do your workouts. Stick to your principles and do the things you know you need to do, even though you don't feel like doing them....
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    Hitler wasn't "evil"
    15 Aug 20167m08s
    Hitler was a bad dude, but he wasn't "evil" in the Biblical sense. In fact, nobody is born evil - they just grow into people who do messed up thing...
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    Embrace frustration
    01 Aug 20164m11s
    Embrace frustrations, they're going to come. Don't let your happiness depend on everything always working out.
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    Make yourself do it
    31 Jul 20166m13s
    Sometimes we just don't feel like doing the things we need to do, no matter what we try. We have to force ourselves to do them.
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    Follow your heart, own yourself
    30 Jul 20166m26s
    Follow your heart, and trust in who you want to be.
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    How to live a meaningful life
    29 Jul 201610m20s
    What does it mean to live a meaningful life? How can we create a meaningful life for ourselves?
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    Think with nuance
    25 Jul 20166m25s
    Thinking in a nuanced manner is needed if we are going to solve the major problems facing us.
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    If there is a God
    25 Jul 20167m21s
    If there is a God why did he/she create us? Why is the world the way it is? These and other questions encourage one to question the core belief its...
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    Does your religion grow you?
    21 Jul 20167m42s
    Does your religion allow you to consistently grow in your spirituality?
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    You are the king!
    20 Jul 20164m30s
    You are the king of your kingdom, and it's your decision that counts.
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    Work with life, not against it
    19 Jul 20166m11s
    Life often doesn't go to planned. It's upto us to take this into account and make our plans out of what life gives us.
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    Transcend your race
    19 Jul 20166m49s
    You are more than your race, and you can transcend it in your own mind.
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    You can't control what happens
    17 Jul 201611m28s
    Life is one damn thing after another. One damn thing we don't have control over.
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    Your story is arbitrary
    15 Jul 20167m12s
    Your story in your mind of who you think you are is arbitrary. It is not set in stone, and it can be changed.
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    Spirituality and Meditation
    12 Jul 201619m58s
    Why people want certainty, why they choose to believe in God, and a different kind of spirituality that is beyond belief.
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    Why Donald Trump is winning
    18 Jun 201616m05s
    My thoughts on why Donald Trump is winning so far.